I’ve moved na po talaga.






SORRY if I made one again ha ? ANGKULET KO :D HAHAHA.. pero don’t worry I’m not forcing you na ifollow to ulit. If ever you want to be reconnected saken uli so I’m posting this one. Baka kasi akala niyo nawala nako sa Tumblr world. No, that’ll not happen. HAHAHAHA =))) ina-assure ko kayo with that.

Thanks guys for a short period of time na nashare niyo while following me here. Sorry, but I have to move :D Hope you’ll understand. Moving on needs to make a new beginning and yea, I’m doing that one right now. Please bear with me followers. Lovelots, Yhann ♥ 

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HAHAHAHA.. awesome.

=))) long time no see criticalmind09 

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The moment when you hear something that breaks your fucking heart.

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angTAGALkongDInakanetAH =))

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movies vs. reality




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